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The Benefits of Child Led Curriculum over Teacher Directed Activities

Children have the need to be able to control the things they can within their world. When we encourage children to feel ownership in what they learn, they become actively engaged in school.

By honoring children’s interests, children naturally dive deeper into the topics they are interested in and experience more growth and development. More so, than in the traditional model in which teachers dictate subject matter.

While the children are able to choose what they learn about, whether through group time conversations or teacher observations, the idea is still aligned with the South Carolina Early Learning Standards.

 “Effective early learning environments provide the foundation for young learners. Early childhood classroom environments must promote multiple and varied opportunities for young learners to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills, dispositions, and feelings.”  South Carolina Department of Education

The main idea behind Child-Led Curriculum or Emergent Curriculum is that children learn not necessarily by what they are taught but by their own choices. Emergent Curriculum is a teaching technique that focuses on the development of planning through the interest of the child(ren).

Young children do not learn because they are taught. They learn as a result of their own doing…through actions, relationships, asking questions, opportunities, and repetition. Our teachers become research partners with children, seeking answers to questions and supporting investigation. Our school is their laboratory, offering the materials and tools to inspire each child.

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