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Routines and Learning During a Pandemic

At Fort Mill Cooperative Preschool, we continue to keep routines as normal as possible during this time. Children thrive on consistency in their everyday lives. By keeping daily tasks as unchanging as possible, children feel secure in their surroundings.

Since we first opened back up in June, after a limited closure due to the pandemic, the children have continued to surprise us with their resilient mindset. They have adjusted to new normals of temperature taking, washing hands even more frequently and wearing face coverings.

They have even adjusted to playing differently within the classroom setting. Doing individual activities and playing alongside one other person has been an easy adjustment. They are learning to take turns more easily and beginning to develop more patience as they practice waiting their turn.

Pick up and drop off at the front gate has gone so smoothly. The children have time to give kisses and hugs to their family member before coming in through the front gate of the school. This has made the transition into school much smoother and seamless. Our communication app, Brightwheel has helped tremendously at filling in the gaps for parent/teacher communication since the families and teachers don’t get to physically see each other to talk right now. 

We want to thank our families for their continued patience and support as we all learn new normals during this time of pandemic. If/ when things return to normal, we look forward to keeping some of our new routines that are working well, and being able to get back to the way we used to do things in our classrooms.

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