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After School


Welcome to our after school program. We welcome you to explore our small group setting and see what makes our program stand out. 

Children in our program enjoy:

  • Small group setting

  • Strong personal relationships developed with each other and their caregiver

  • Families connecting outside of after school program

  • Homework assistance with a compassionate teacher

  • Nutritious homemade afternoon snack approved by CACFP (Child and Adult Food Program)

  • Vast outdoor area-3 acres

    • Onsite observational micro farm: complete with donkey, mini horses, goats, pigs, chicken

    • Large, grassy fenced in area perfect for soccer, running, games

    • School aged appropriate picnic tables

    • State-of-the-art playground donated by the Shutterfly Foundation via Kaboom

About: Why We Are Unique

Programming for the 2021-2022 School Year

We are now an Arts, Farm, and Forestry Afterschool Program. Headed up by Ms. Elizabeth and in collaboration with Ms. Sheri, a master horticulturist and naturalist of over 30 years, this program brings the arts, farm and forest together to make every afternoon special. 

Children will still receive homework help and snack, but they will also have time in the art studio, on the farm and in the forest. Weekly STEAM challenges help sharpen elementary student skills, like math, science, and reading, in a fun and challenging way. We will also travel to McDowell Nature Preserve monthly to enjoy the “big” forest.

With all this new, messy, outdoor fun, it imperative that children are dressed appropriately for both the outdoors and being in the studio.

This means clothes that can get dirt and paint on them and dressing children in weather appropriate attire. For Afterschool students, farm clothes and shoes to be kept in cubby at afterschool so that we protect children’s nice school clothes.

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