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Why Fostering Self-Help and Independence Skills Help Develop the Whole Child

As children grow, they crave independence, even at a very young age. They feel proud of themselves when they are able to do even the simplest of tasks with very little assistance. When we teach children how to do things for themselves, success builds independence.

You can foster independence in self-help skills at home by helping them do certain tasks, like getting dressed or brushing their teeth. As they get better at performing the task, you can fade out and give the child the chance to do it independently.

When children are given the opportunity to do simple self-care tasks, it helps to build their self-esteem and makes them feel important. Self-help skills and little “jobs” also gives children a sense of ownership and belonging.

By encouraging and supporting your child as they are learning new skills, it is important to have patience in allowing them to learn through their mistakes. They may get frustrated and discouraged at times, but by being there to model and guide them along it shows they have your continuous support and love.

Praise every attempt your child makes at doing a new thing; whether it’s getting dressed, brushing teeth or taking care of their dishes. My all-time favorite motto is “the more you practice the better you will get,” ask any of my own children.

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