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Parent Involvement: Why Join a Cooperative Preschool

At Fort Mill Cooperative Preschool, one of our goals is to create a community within our families and staff. That’s why we adopted the co-op model; so the parents can be more involved in the school, creating a level of involvement that most schools don’t offer. Parent involvement is the number one indicator of a child’s success.

But what is a co-op preschool? In its simplest form, it’s a setting where the parents get directly involved with the day-to-day of the school. Parents become a part of the school community as much as their students do.

For us, being cooperative means the parents are required to fulfill a certain number of volunteer credits each year, whether that’s coming into the classroom to assist, helping maintain the property or donating items we need. In exchange, our tuition rates are lower than other schools and the parents have a deeper understanding of the learning that is taking place in their child’s classroom.

We strive to help our students and parents feel a sense of belonging within our community. When a family feels invested in a community, especially when a child does, they develop a deeper understanding of the needs of others, of how they contribute to the greater good, and begin to understand the meaning of humanity. The connectedness our students and families feel is seen in the interactions between them and our staff, and within each indoor and outdoor classroom.

Being part of a co-op also means that parents are there to not only support our teachers, but to learn from them as well. As parents spend more time in the classroom, they will begin to model the teachers methods and develop a deeper appreciation of the education their child is getting. Education will become something the child and parent share, strengthening their bond.

There are many reasons even beyond this to join our preschool family. Give us a call today at (803) 548-8123 to set up a tour of our community!

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