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Is your child ready for school?


  • Writing with a tripod grasp? (Index finger & thumb)

  • Cutting accurately?

  • Happy to perform tabletop activities or does he/she avoid them?

  • Drawing? Using a dominant hand? (Right or Left handed)

  • Writing his or her name?

The first five years, the preschool years, are the formative years. This is the period the child develops approximately 70% of their brain connections. Stimulation to the brain during this time is imperative as it strengthens these connections and absorbs information like a sponge.

Children need good posture, muscle tone, and fine motor control to begin school. A child who is clumsy and can’t move well, who is floppy, doesn’t have a good pencil grip and can’t hold scissors properly is probably going to have some difficulty in their first year of school. Kids need to have sufficient physical development to master the technical stuff of school. If they can open their school bag, take lids off lunch boxes, get out pens, and put their shoes on, it will help them to feel comfortable in the school environment from the beginning.

Children quite often become organized quickly once they are at school. However, a child who arrives with an inner core of social, emotional, and basic skills will be ready to learn with joy, without being overburdened.

Motor skills are the foundation for much of a child’s early learning and are more important than we ever thought. Fine motor skills are needed before a preschool child can learn to write, while there is a relationship between gross motor skills and learning to read. Using games suitable for Kindergarten or Preschool children you can make learning fun!

Visual Perception Skills

  • Copying sequences

  • Copying shapes

  • Finding hidden objects

Gross Motor Skills

  • Catching and throwing

  • Running and jumping with coordination

  • Balancing

  • Muscle tone for strength and stability

  • Midline crossing

Fine Motor Skills

  • Hand dominance – right or left handed

  • Drawing with detail

  • Writing their name

  • Neat and accurate scissor skills

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